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Voyces Incorporated was founded in 2011 with the aim to promote, perform and produce contemporary choral music. Turning 10 in 2021, the organisation has developed and is now The Choral Collective.

At its heart, the organisation remains the same. We are focused on making choral music an essential part of the cultural sector in Australia and a place where talented musicians can develop, earn, create and perform.

With the change of name, comes the addition of a brand new ensemble. Voyces will be joined by the Vanguard Consort. Voyces is a large 30+ voice choir where as Vanguard Consort will be a paid consort performing contemporary consort repertoire.

Lead by Artistic Director Dr Robert Braham OAM, Operations Director Stefan Pugliese and Managing Director Luke Donohoe, The Choral Collective will keep growing, keep creating, keep developing and keep singing, all while developing choral music with professionalism and artistic merit at its heart.